Thursday, 4 February 2016

Do you have the best people around you?

Just to let you know about a new product - 'Cinderella To Princess' Intensive Self Development Course.  Its an 7 week online course, and letting you know there's a competition up until 14th Feb, to give a FREE 10 copies in return for your testimonials, all you have to do is subscribe on my site, then send me an email saying 'I'm in'  - check out all the details on the Cinderella To Princess page ! yaaayyhooo  Yes, I'm offering it to my subscribers first! It's about Self Worth, a biggy subject for women.

What's this got to do with the title, well everything really.  We all know the story of Cinders, being like a slave to the ugly sisters, and putting up with it!

And sometimes you've only yourself to blame, eh, doing it in the first place, or just not having the best people around you.  I mean those who support you, who are rooting for you, who don't give you that uhh look when you talk about what your working on, even if it is out there! At least to give you a chance, to suspend judgement until you can surely say, well yes that was a crazy idea...

But you know what, wouldn't you rather go after crazy ideas than not?  Wouldn't you rather reach upwards in any direction and attempt to pull it off, give it the belief, even if you don't - and if this person is around you, personally I mean of course, don't you expect them to be around 'for' you.

That's not to say, you want 'yes' people around you on the contrary, be prepared to find the 'professionals' or even define them as wiser people than you, so you can learn what you need to learn, when you need to learn it. 

You don't want to stay still, you want to grow, expand, blossom into more of who you are, into the very best version of you. 

It's the difference between having 7 injections or immense pain in your teeth, and why would you want to invite pain if you don't need to suffer it?  Get the very best professionals around you, and they will look after you, why suffer?

I know some people just don't understand this online world?  There are those who you'll explain what your doing online or anywhere and they'll say, 'I don't understand a single word your saying!' lol - so then you revert to, small talk again.  That's okay, everyone to their own.

Maybe you just have to accept, that if you've found your tribe out there, and hell yes! they understand you, they're there for you and we help each other with what we need, don't you think that's absolutely awesome!

Who am I?  I'm Sally Hope Woodroffe a Professional, Registered Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Artist, Musician, Singer Songwriter, prolific creative woman hopefully creating a better world in many ways.  You can join me at or email at and subscribe here to receive various goodies and competitions!