Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The BIG money issue

I have to touch upon a ‘touchy’ subject with some people here, ‘money
While some have a good relationship with money, others do not, sometimes, through, no fault of their own, health problems, unable to work, there are as many varied hard luck stories as there are people.  Whatever the 'story' lots of people genuinely need some help, and may not have the money to get it.

There's usually a lot of shame and guilt around ‘not having the money’ or taking benefits or even 'accepting' help!
I’m reading some horrendous stories about ‘tax credits’ in the UK, just being taken off people with nothing, and them being made homeless, referred to a telephone ‘counsellor’, except they are not professional counsellors at all.  One telephone so called counsellor told someone to go outside and have a cigarette?

I came across this as a counsellor, many years ago in a 'proper job', with mergers being made, I was offered another position as a ‘counsellor’, BUT it wasn’t for a counsellor, it was for a ‘Addictions worker’.  Yes, I could’ve applied for the job and probably got it, being an ‘insider’, and continued to take my ‘reduced’ monthly ‘living’ wage, but nevertheless, a ‘wage’.

I was appalled, of this idea!
True, some of them, who took the jobs, were proper counsellors, but, to work with others that had no professional training, just threw me a huge ‘curveball’.  You may say, I could’ve made a difference, on a ‘living wage’, but here’s the thing…

I would have had to ‘renounce’ my professional capacity as a counsellor
UNLESS, I worked part time, on top of a full time job, to fund being a counsellor.  If a counsellor ‘stops’ working, they cannot just ‘start’ again, it has to be continual, unless you don’t mind not being a member of a professional body.

With expenses of training over 5 years in the first place to be qualified, monthly supervision, Insurance, being a member of a professional body BACP, marketing, counselling directory, website, domain name, continual professional development (a stipulation of the professional body BACP) office supplies, Office rental, Tax, Accountant – All these expenses are not cheap.
I’m not complaining here, only in that, some people are NOT getting the help they need NOW.  It’s such a tricky one, we as counsellors, cannot help ‘friends’ or people we know, and cannot work with anyone without a monetary exchange.  I've occasionally found myself in the grey area of this, well arguably facebook ‘friends’ are people you don’t really know anyway, but THEY FEEL you could just switch on your counsellor hat for them,  and quickly solve a problem?    

It’s an anomaly of counselling that, only if you’re a counsellor, you would understand?

It’s a bit like expecting a doctor to do an operation on a moving train? 
It’s not the time or place, and the profession has strict boundaries to follow that cannot be broken, because, otherwise counselling just doesn’t work - A doctor needs all the history of the patients illnesses, risk issues, mental and physical, all the details, life story etc.   The same goes for a counsellor, It's not something you can sort in an instant, of course that depends on how complicated the issue is, and how honest a client is first of all to themselves. 

Where am I going here, well, yes the people that need the help don’t usually have the money, but I don’t feel offering my time for £5 an hour is ever an option to be able to continue being able to afford being in my job!  I’ve seen this done in some places, I believe it cheapens the profession, and is saying to government funding, that its okay for counsellors to pay all their expenses and then just work as a ‘volunteer’?

I’m attempting here, to tell it exactly how it is
Of course I do concessionary priced sessions, but most of the clients I have, are working, so they enable me to be working too!  I also, do have a very small percentage of funding available  to me,  for those who don’t have any money left to deal with their issues, so if this fits you, then please do get in touch with me.

I believe, it is so important to get the help you need when, you need it.  It is brilliant to ‘be positive’ in the most awful circumstances, BUT not if you’re just ‘avoiding the issue’  It isn’t going to get any better, by burying it, I know that.  

I know too well the feeling of shame, or guilt
Believe me, that is a huge mountain to get up and over yourself, on your own.  Sometimes, you need to ‘let it out’ otherwise it’s like a human volcano, that is going to erupt, and possibly put you in a dangerous position. 

You are better than that, YOU can do this, I do believe in YOU, and I CAN help and enable you…

It’s just a question of ‘if you’ll allow’ yourself to realise, there is an ‘issue’
That needs dealing with, and this can take many years sometimes, but until you do, you’ll be like a ‘bouncy ball’ and you’ll never really experience being truly ‘happy’.
What is the point in that?
Especially, when I can apply for the funds for YOU to get the help you need...
So please get in touch 01686 430503 / 07922828903
Counselling can be face to face in the Mid Wales area, or Skype or phone

Monday, 19 September 2016

Let's go make miracles happen!!

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Can you ‘hand on heart’ say, you’ve given it your best shot?

With whatever you’re passionate about doing, whether it’s to do with your life, or beginning a business and making it successful? Maybe you’ve already, spent x amount of time attempting to ‘make a mark’, but you’re still feeling like there’s a ‘missing piece’ in the jigsaw?  And this missing piece, is stopping you somewhere.

Or maybe your ‘big ultimate dream’ has been put on the backburner, cos you need money now, but find yourself doing something, that doesn’t light up your heart at all?

I’ve been in the ‘Self Development’ area of business, for over 30 years now.  When I say, I’m passionate about what I do, its, undeniably, an understatement!

Cos, my business, IS my life, IS what reaches into my heart, and touches my soul!  It’s so difficult to explain, sometimes, but, that feeling I feel, for those I love, it’s the same feeling?

I’ve always believed ‘I’ve something special to give’ and that’s not ego, it’s because I’m a thinking, creative person, in whatever I do.  I’ve succeeded in my own business because, I’m not prepared to do, what I don’t believe in!

That means, I CAN put my hand on my heart, and say, that I’m achieving great things because:

a)      I love what I do, and repeatedly, my clients reach exactly, where, they want to go in their lives, and:

       b)  Because I’ve joined Leonie Dawson’s Academy, http://tinyurl.com/goxgjdj  whenever I need some practical help, or accountability with my business/life it’s there, on hand, daily, hourly even through the night! (it’s worldwide).  Note – My supervision is a separate entity to this obviously.   

Looking back, this year has been an incredible achievement, I’m not saying, there’s no further improvement to be made, in my life, business or financial situation, no, cos I’ll always be stretching and growing, in every direction to bettering myself.  This is exactly, what I work with, together with my clients, the exciting thing is, that ‘wherever’ you put your expectations, is, wherever you will go.

Honestly, the skies the limit, but, like all things, it’s been a learning curve, but hey, why would you expect for instance to have a six figure business without putting a little work into it?  And when I say work, woops I mean PASSION!  YES, doing what you love and making money!  It’s really a no brainer, why wouldn’t you want it?  Take a look below

I’ll let you into a small secret, mind set is everything, along with encouragement and practical mastermind help, in whatever way you need!  

Anyhow, I’m just explaining, how, why, and what ‘business’ is to me, in my life, and more importantly, my soul.  I don’t entertain anything that I don’t want to do, or doesn’t touch me soulfully in some way.  Which is why, I can, wholeheartedly recommend Leonie Dawson and her life/business Academy, because I’ve experienced what it can do, while keeping your own ‘self’, ‘passion’ not only alive, but thriving and growing along with your business.

Oh, thing is, there’s only till the end of September 2016 to join!! So please do take a look now!




The whole ethos is already my own beliefs, it’s business with a soul, plus the amazing experience of others who will teach you so much, to propel you forward! Throw in, accountability, and over 100 courses! That is some amazing library!

I personally have experience of Biz goddess, Double your business, and various meditations and talks too the beauty is, that you can go at your own pace.  Double your business for example sends you an email a day to work on individual items, but you can stop and restart the emails if you get behind.  So much info on newsletters, marketing, websites, surveys – it’s gold dust, even down to the sales pages!

Then of course, you can ask for volunteers, to give you feedback, testimonials, or to check over a website page, all such valuable input from closed academy Facebook groups.  That, in itself is awesome, as many business owners become a little isolated because of working from home, to suddenly having a potential group of women that are there for each other, it truly is amazing! 

I would never recommend anything that didn’t stand up to my, quite high, expectations.  Not only that, Leonie gives back to affiliates, a generous 50% which I think is amazing!  Leonie also gives earnings to charities too, she’s passionate about giving others their voice, she’s just built a school in Africa!  

I believe, when making big money that is the right thing to do? What do you think of this?

So, the thing is, cos Leonie is passionate about what she does, the doors will be closing to this opportunity of joining the Academy on the 30th September 2016.  So, if you’re interested, then NOW is the time to do it

Believe in yourself, take a leap of faith and invest in yourself

Because, believe me, YOU really are worth it!


Some more about Leonie:

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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

And chill...


Everyone gets to a point, when they just have to stop

You run out of steam and need to recharge your batteries!

And I should know better! But we all do that don’t we? Not recognize, you don’t have to be superwoman, you need a break sometimes!

Well it’s been a learning curve! For me.  On the day we left my new Card Deck arrived! And wow I was so excited!  But, we were just setting off for holiday for a whole week, yes, of not working, and yes of not talking about or doing any work!
Here's a quick preview...

That’s the trouble with something you’re passionate about? How do you just ‘stop’?

I swear, me and my husband hardly spoke, cos we were both there, biting our lip, and just ‘being’ ha ha! I tell you what, when you’re running your own business’s that’s so difficult to do, no don’t even mention it!  Well we were suffering colds too!

I think the worst thing was, having those cards and resisting looking at them, well, I did once! But I knew, if I did again, it would not be a holiday at all and my mind would carry on at a million miles per hour!

That’s passion for you!

And I’m pleased, that I am passionate about my life and work, cos looking around on holiday, its’ like this is what everyone else does, for their only holiday in the year, because, they don’t enjoy what they do as a job, or I like to call it a life!

That is what my whole life has been like, I’ve sacrificed some ‘things’ for ‘being me’ which I’ve never regretted, I believe life is so precious, and will not sacrifice it to becoming ‘not me’

Always said I’m stubborn! Oh and I loved the beach walks every day, searching for sea glass, bathing in the sun and sea – but no, I don’t enjoy the throng of tourists, who have so much to say all the time, non- stop, or the tourist shops with so much ‘stuff’ you cannot imagine who’d buy?


This is the stuff, I’m decluttering, I’m moving out with clean, bright, lines throughout my house.

You realise, it’s the simple things of life that are the best, that give you the most, people you love and who love you, the warmth, the cosyness, the sea, maybe cos it’s opposite to the green hills of home.

Yeah it’s like our passions, are part of us, we’ve been developing them for so long, it just dos’nt compute to put it down for a week.  And really, I’m grateful it was only a week, after getting back I was like a taughtly pulled elastic band! And that says something after feeling like you need a holiday

All I can say is, I love my life, I love my work, all aspects of it along with my home and family.  Sometimes it’s only when you go away you can truly appreciate what you have.

When is the last time you had a true break? It’s a very important time to reflect and chill, to come back with energy and a view of the bigger picture

This is from the chilled out desk of mine, covered in sea glass and ahhhhh

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