Monday, 25 July 2016

One Hundred Monkey Syndrome

Welcome to the Circus!
Have you ever heard about the one hundredth monkey syndrome?
Are you being upgraded?
I am, I can't resist the comparison of the moment, with being upgraded to fibre optic broadband!  It's reached the house, but not yet 'into' the house.
Such a simile, of what's happening to us in the world.  Hence the one hundredth monkey syndrome.  It was a study done on an island of monkeys of their behaviour.  They noticed the group of monkeys had altered their behaviour's to all others in the world.
But then, a fascinating thing happened! their altered habits suddenly spread to all other monkeys in the world!
So how? What's going on here?
It turns out, it was because of the huge amount of them changing the way they thought, that created a shift in all of their thinking, creating almost a species evolution.
Or in another way, if we talk about consciousness, if so many of the 'whole' simply 'think' in a certain way, then it causes a mass consciousness upgrade between them!
This is evolution as we know it, it happens all the time, but not usually quite as dramatically as this moment in time?
The last big shift was at the time the Beatles came out, when you look at footage of the time, in black and white! Everyone spoke 'the queens english', any hair over the collar was outrageous! all men wore suits! take a look at the old films and see for yourself.
This is more of a spiritual upgrade, like fibre by the speed of light - sound crazy it's actually more crazy that we only use one third of our brain capacity!
What does the rest do?  better than any computer you can buy?  This is putting it into materialistic terms, but it's going to be very interesting
What if you didn't need a phone, computer etc. to connect with others?  This is the future - if we can imagine it, it is there, it will happen.
It's not about me, it's about us, as a whole, where we are heading for is obvious, and love is the only way!
See the book launch this Wednesday this is an important time in our evolution!

I have to tell you the truth about me...

I have to tell you the truth about me… 

I know what love can do

I know how it can heal anything

But it all has to start within you and your heart…


My story is painful, yet so transformative…

In my twenties I went through a huge breakdown, all down to my first husband’s manipulations of the truth.

The carpet was pulled from under me, the experience, made me ‘feel’ rootless, ‘no rules’ of ‘how to be’ anymore.  I felt so lost, paranoid, I was experiencing concepts such as time travel, thought he was trying to kill me, (maybe he was) so I didn’t eat anything he made me.

Imagine how it would ‘feel’ not knowing ‘how to be’ in any situation? Like your mind was wiped clear?  I know why it’s called a ‘breakdown’ but at the time, I didn’t know about counselling lol

I went down to 6 stone, the shower hurt my skin, I was quite literally losing my mind and my life, and why?  I was asking ‘life’ or ‘whoever was in charge’ a big fat ‘why’ ‘what is the point of it all’

I had lost all hope, I was using my life as collateral, I was asking BIG questions and I would go all the way to find my answers.  I needed to know NOW 

Two weeks later, I was (literally) taken to see Ellen Von Einem, (by someone else I didn’t know, who knew her) she was in her 60’s then, she passed at 94.

It was like I was in between worlds? And she stepped in, and with one session of counselling and hypnotherapy and her attitudinal therapy, she removed half of the heavy burden I was carrying.  She then saw me every day for two weeks, and proceeded to teach me all she knew.

This episode lasted just two weeks! But it felt like an eternity, and no, I wouldn’t recommend this way, but I did find all my answers via Ellen.  

It was such a big teaching for me how powerful ‘our minds’ can be?  How easily they can destroy, or create in a beautiful way, anything you want!

I proved that to myself, that’s how I know the whole power of the mind, and how you can use it and trust it, for what you want.

I wasn’t ‘ill’ physically, though by the time I got to Ellen, one of my vertebrae was ‘out’ of alignment, (the physical aligns with the mental) she first of all took me and lifted me up, correcting my spine.

What was the basis of her ‘healing’ LOVE and even more LOVE?

I am so grateful to have known such a wonderful woman who became a friend and mentor.  Because of my experiences, once you have a foot in both worlds, it still remains open.

This is the truth of my experience, hopefully my vulnerability in sharing this, will give you the hope, and trust, that yes, it is true, that following love, is the way, you can release the fear and anxiety.

My new book, Sacred Seeds elaborates further on this, join my book launch, it will be on sale from Wednesday 27th July till 3rd August. It’s kind of a guide book for this momentous time, along with my Divine Feminine icon paintings, it is only for sale at this time and it is priced at only £5

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

From Ancestors to NOW! Sacred Seeds

For some reason, I want to begin with our ancestors,
I feel they are still ‘with’ us.  Whether or not, you hold the same belief, I don’t think it matters? Cos everyone has the right to believe in what they want? Right?
And that is the crux, of most matters at the moment don’t you feel…
(ha ha! it looks like I'm shouting? but maybe that's a good thing?) 

No matter what politics or beliefs, I do truly care about people, both in my work and personally.  I include all humans, races, creeds, ages, beliefs, and animals of course.  Okay, and of course, nature, trees life diversity etc. and our planet… 

I think I see it more as a ‘whole’ the planet? because one country affects another too.  That said, we seem to be, at an anxious time in our history.  

How did we get here? When you think about it, the information available to you, just in the last few years, is incredible!  You didn’t always have access to any of this, it’s almost an overload situation, depending on where you look. 

By that I mean, that anybody can say anything, there’s more freedom of speech, but, of course, you need to remember, not everything is true?  Yes, the positives of freedom of speech is incredible.

But, as we’ve discussed, it depends where you look, we know reporting is not ‘presented’ in a true way because newspapers, and magazines are there to be sold, You know that right?

TV reports their choice of negative news, oh and the token budgie from Blackpool that talks, just to lighten it up! 

So yes, it depends where you look, Facebook is a minefield of emotions all embroiled together sometimes. 

Being adult now, you don’t need to let it create separation of humans in any way?  Wouldn’t you like to think, that if you were in need of help, that other humans, would be there to give kindness towards you? 

Do you believe everyone on the planet, mostly, is concerned about their own families, would help protect them however they could?


That compassion, could be stretched to others too, a kindness, even a smile, or a feeling of gratitude for being safe in our world. 

We do all have a choice, of making up our own minds.  Love is the biggest force, the game changer in any situation, so to project it when we can, is a good thing right? 

I’ve had personal experience many eons ago in my life, of the alternative, ‘the fear’.  I’ve seen how it affects your body, your mind and your soul…I nearly wasn’t here at all.  Fear does this, I’ve tested it, definitely not the way to go. 

Probably the only things you can say are true, is if they’ve been proved to yourself, by your own experience? 


And we’re not talking about ‘love’ in a fluffy, hippy, new age kind of doing nothing way, we’re talking about, if you ‘feel’ strongly about something that ‘speaks to you, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT  

Take some ACTION and give compassion to those who you feel need it in some way.  Example: Help the aged, or refugees or however you can see to do it  

Llanidloes have a refugee aid happening, last Saturday, getting together to provide spices for the refugees, who are getting food packages with no seasonings.

This is action, doing something, or collecting and sending craft supplies for the kids or things that we take for granted, clothing, toiletries the list goes on etc. 

This is their Llanidloes and Mid Wales Refugee Group Facebook page if you wish to join... 

Again, this is my choice of action, in case you want to help too. If not, that’s fine or if you don’t agree with this issue, that’s fine too.

Of course it’s your choice, but, if we cannot even acknowledge, we may think differently, AND accept it, (as long as not a serious crime) there’s seriously something going wrong, in the way we are allowing fear to disconnect us from each other?  

I’m truly hoping, if you disagree with anything I’ve said, it’s still okay?  

We are physical and spiritual beings whether we like it or not, we don’t honour ourselves enough every day.

To recharge, to ask for help when we need it, it’s never weak, we’re all vulnerable sometimes! 

Be kind to yourself first, and then others whom you ‘feel’ a need, whatever it may be.  You may be in need sometime. 

This brings me to introduce a new book, that appeared called Sacred Seeds  

Give me just one hour

And I will take you from fear

To love…

In your world  

Get ready! Sacred Seeds

will be available from 27th July till 3rd of August


Yes, it is a monumental book…
Sacred Seeds will connect you back, to each-other, peace, hope and clarity of what’s really happening in the world. 

What results will you get from Sacred Seeds?

The results you’ll get will be HUGE…if you allow it…It will fill you in on more details, behind your own evolution that’s occurring now! 

What will it make you feel?

Relief, reasons of physically and spiritually why it is like this. .It will give you a connection to a vast well of healing via a series of gold leaf paintings and healing while reading it! imagine a plug, you’re connecting to, that connects you to an updated frequency, were talking about DNA here! 

It may be a monumental book but it is not a monumental price! 

RRP is £8 

But only available during 27th July till 3rd August

AT JUST £5...............................................!!!   

Why’s it this price? Because it needs to be read NOW in these times

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