Monday, 6 November 2017

Stepping Up

Isn't it what it's all about? 

Following your dreams, playing, being mindful, loving your life, living your best feeling life, being happy in what you do, following your passions...

I've been inspired again, by what struck me, as the most awesome thing about this counselling malarkey 

Thing is, anything in the world, you're passionate about, and I truly love working with passionate people, those that are making a difference towards a better world - can be evolved or up-graded!

Professional's in the bank!

I’ve come across many professionals, working with clients in many differing job descriptions, that are all experiencing the same thing…overwork!
But also, with expectations from the ‘boss’ of enormities of work load that no-one can possibly fulfil.
It is, as I use the term, an ‘impossible task’
Working with people, as individuals is measurable only by its differences, and individualities.  There are no rule books, in these professions, GP’s, University lecturers etc., Social Workers, Lawyers, anything to do with the NHS, and so on, you get the drift, most of the time