Monday, 6 November 2017

Stepping Up

Isn't it what it's all about? 

Following your dreams, playing, being mindful, loving your life, living your best feeling life, being happy in what you do, following your passions...

I've been inspired again, by what struck me, as the most awesome thing about this counselling malarkey 

Thing is, anything in the world, you're passionate about, and I truly love working with passionate people, those that are making a difference towards a better world - can be evolved or up-graded!

Research, education, science, these areas to me are exciting because they're pushing boundaries, making inroads to creating a whole better life for so many people.

Okay let me explain this... 

Because the connotations are mind blowing believe me!

I saw an amazing video of children being 'counselled' instead of 'taught' in the old fashioned way of education.

Carl Rogers, was the founder of Person Centred Counselling in the 80's, but he took it much further, he saw the vast connotations of this model, as he mentions in the last chapter of 'A Way Of Being' book, about how he saw the future. 

To my mind, he was ahead of his time. 

Because, by using Carl Rogers idea, was, that if education was taught with the student being 'the centre' rather than the teacher being 'the centre' as is at present, then the student, child, adult, biz owner, passionate researcher etc, can evolve further their own questioning to gain answers about anything?!!

Okay...gonna give you some space here, to think about this and how amazing it is?

We are creative individuals, we currently only use just one third of our own mind or brain? 

Is this because were not stretching our brains? are we really containing ourselves by not asking the right questions?

This is, what most of counselling is about, what excites me about it, and of course there's years worth of training around it, that are very subtle, but unless you were taught to be a counsellor you wouldn't even notice them in conversation?

It took me 5 years to study this art!  It is not something to learn over a couple of weekends?  I'd love everyone to know how beautifully it can change anyone and subsequently, anything!  

Thing is, wherever you are in your own personal development, you never stop learning, you're evolution is ongoing, we are all human, this is what excites me, the possibilities!

I believe we are on the very edge of another

huge evolution for mankind, a bit like the Industrial, Economic, Social and Cultural of the 20th century, then the computer, internet, social networks and social issues of the 21st century, there are those that say that the next big change will be a 'Creative' one?

Really?  I thought this was already out there now, I'm doing it!  You can be creative in any form of passion or work if you want to call it that, to me it's about what you love to do...

Why would anyone want to spend most of their lives doing something they don't enjoy? Beats me, but many are still doing a 'proper job' working for someone else for the monthly security of their paypacket?  Yet, you are never secure working for someone else.