Thursday, 31 March 2016

Relationships and growth

Welcome to my window sill!
Growth can cause expansion, a need for change in
many different ways.  Plants need to be able to reach
out their roots to become their true potential, to
produce fruit.
If it's not re-potted to allow the roots to grow, it will
wilt, and not self actualise or become the plant it is.
It will also be relying too much on another nearby
shoot and not be itself.
This will then create all sorts of other problems
around it, because without their needs being met,
it will become a poorly plant. They need food,
water, earth, light, and love.
To revive a plant, look at the why's, addressing any
problems if you can, though you may need to give
the plant a little time to recover and get used to it's
new routine...
They do say that plants respond well to talking to
in a loving manner, and are very good listeners. 
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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Who me, procrastinate?


What Procrastination, who me?
No matter what good intentions we may have, a new year’s resolution, a plan to start exercising, to look at our own problems, to learn, to start that course etc. – there’s so many other things, to take our time during the day…
Add to that, children, work, husbands etc., then we wake up two weeks later and think…
‘Hang on a minute, I’d forgotten all about that, and I’d really promised myself to do this…! And I didn’t even start!’
It takes a strong woman, no, really it does, to keep on track of what you want to do!  And know that, that very action is what differentiates us, from those that stay in the same rut, always dreaming never taking action, and reaching what we want to!
But, it’s okay, don’t beat yourself up, cos you are here now, NOW you can do something about it!
But before we do, let’s look at what else is taking over your mind.  You subscribe to a really cool writing course, that sends you a free group, and daily work to do, you want to help back others, friends and email them, your notifications send you an email every comment, every time anybody makes any move at all!
Before you know it you have 20 emails coming in every day that takes half an hour to sort and deal with, it’s like you’ve created your own world of procrastination!  Maybe that competition you entered that you WON! A free course, that still sits in your downloads waiting to be started, waiting for your commitment, waiting to move you forward…
Get off the internet!  NOW, move away from that email list, Facebook, whatever it is…and focus
What are the blocks that stop you from the very action that will take you forward?
Is it all the background noise going on around you?  Maybe you have to cull your emails, focus on each step, one step at a time.  You’re not really giving yourself the best chance otherwise.
Are you scared to move forward?  Ask yourself why?  Won’t your relationship, job, situation be so much better when you do? What is it that scares you?  Why stay, in what you don’t want?
Change, that is the only thing we can depend on, and if you dig you’re heels in, you will stagnate, it’s a moving world, you need to move with it.  Begin to believe in yourself, you are worthy, you are ‘allowed’ your dreams and all that is needed is your focus…one small step by another small step
So, yes it’s okay, okay to slip, to not even start, but as my mentor said once,
‘failure is, not getting back up again’
And I really do believe you can do this, so make the commitment, say a time each day or week to commit to it, you really have got this!  Any further thoughts please do get in touch – I wish you big progress.  And if you are unsure of which way to go, then come and join us here for some inspiration, something for everyone, and check out my new course to really move forward Cinderella to Princess’ and let’s begin NOW… I’ve got your back

Friday, 18 March 2016

Empowerment begins here!

Thought I'd answer a few questions that have come up about the Cinderella to Princess Course, cos I've been asked them by a few of you...
What is the idea behind the Cinderella to Princess course?
Therapies are not always available, but, there's also the reluctance from you, sometimes to accept help?  With that in mind, I felt I could provide a course, for women specifically, (and yet no, I'm not excluding you men if you're willing to do the work) so that you could begin to help yourself.  

I'm all about empowering individuals,  and I felt, with some directional tools, you could begin to think reflectively about your life, your thoughts, beliefs and morals? These are all life choices to be made, but then throw in life experiences, and obviously that changes everything.  Very often, you don't realise you have these choices to decide.
You have to really want, to make a better life, for yourself, really feel, a commitment to doing the work, to keep determined step by step!  I’m thinking, if there’s things you’re wondering about, rather than serious, life challenges of course, then some of the work can be, begun by yourself.  Yes, this is dependent on you as an individual.
If you’ve chosen the stand alone course, rather than one to one therapy, then decide you want to discuss some things, then individual sessions can be arranged.
Sometimes doing this sort of work can stir up feelings, that may definitely need working with, to give you the right support.
I do provide Free consultations prior to one to one sessions.

Why is the course different from every other course?
I’m incorporating exercises, even meditations, and addressing a popular topic and current day issue of many, of lack of self-worth or esteem.  I’ve witnessed how this has such a negative effect across the whole of your life, if support or encouragement from those close to you is not given.
It creates a feeling of being downtrodden, unsure of which way to turn, and not even realising or seeing, your own power, making you easy victims for those who’ll take advantage, roll in Cinderella!
So this is, the Cinderella to Princess idea, it’s only from looking at the way you treat and think of yourself, or the lack of self-love, you realise, that inner work, needs to be done. 
The course is different to other courses, because, though it is, an online one, you still can arrange added access with me, through private counselling sessions.  I would hate anyone to feel, there is nowhere to go.

Why do I feel this work is so important out there?
None of us are taught parenting skills, or life or relationship skills in school, you’ve probably never considered, that ‘you’ choose ‘how you’ want your life to be, possibly, very differently, from your parents lives.  You tend to think of yourself as a continuation of your parents, not as an individual, which really, you're not.  What if you had maladaptive parents? How will you ever know how to start, to change things?
Thing is it’s okay, to have different ideas to your parents, there really 'shouldn’t' be world war two to know this?  It’s text book stuff really, but 'should' be taught to kids and especially teens and a lot of ‘adults’ too!
How can any of us grow, to have decent relationships with anyone, when we really don’t know, who we are ourselves?

Why specialise with empowering teens/women of all ages?
Equality is not always there for women, you're luckier in the western world, but the whole world has not caught up yet, it’s still quite shocking that this is the truth!
Only 10% of women in the western world are in the top earning bracket of jobs.  Culminating in our whole world not being balanced, with the compassionate/feminine and strong/masculine traits to create that harmony.
It’s so much easier to educate women with good self-esteem, than, as in my profession, attempt to repair the damage done, caused by lack of self-esteem.
Most of my work at the moment, is dealing with the damage from 50’s/60’s/70’s women’s childhoods.  If you were one of them, you know how little you were encouraged in those days.
But it’s also shocking to see present day kids , deal with the modern world of perfectionism they live in, and taking that on board, what sort of a role model is that?  It’s like being human is not expected from you anymore? It doesn’t promote inner work of who you are from within.  That means that it's very important, for current teens, and women of all ages to know, that you can, take back your power, by doing this work, by realising you do have choices, to take your freedom as a free thinking woman in this world.  
Here's the link to more details of the  Cinderella to Princess course
Who am I?  I'm Sally Hope Woodroffe a Professional, Registered Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Artist, Musician, Singer Songwriter, prolific creative woman hopefully creating a better world in many ways.  You can join me at or email at and subscribe here to receive various goodies and competitions!