Thursday, 31 March 2016

Relationships and growth

Welcome to my window sill!
Growth can cause expansion, a need for change in
many different ways.  Plants need to be able to reach
out their roots to become their true potential, to
produce fruit.
If it's not re-potted to allow the roots to grow, it will
wilt, and not self actualise or become the plant it is.
It will also be relying too much on another nearby
shoot and not be itself.
This will then create all sorts of other problems
around it, because without their needs being met,
it will become a poorly plant. They need food,
water, earth, light, and love.
To revive a plant, look at the why's, addressing any
problems if you can, though you may need to give
the plant a little time to recover and get used to it's
new routine...
They do say that plants respond well to talking to
in a loving manner, and are very good listeners. 
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