Friday, 15 April 2016

Take the path of least resistance!

It’s like l’ve slipped through into another world, someone mentioned the ‘faraway tree’ series of books, it reminds me of that!  We mustn’t forget the ‘magic’ of play and being in the flow, of what ‘we feel’   We are at a very powerful portent of energy, with the new moon from 9th April, we women know all about the moon, we are in touch with it constantly, whether or not we want to be with, monthly cycles.
Yes, I’ve stepped through into this abundant world, where everything exciting happens that you dream of, and yes I can take you there too!  It’s strange how sometimes, accepting abundance can be a little daunting? 
What! I hear you say, but any major change can take a little getting used to.  Sometimes we look back and realise what we’ve accepted, because we thought we were powerless.  When in fact it is, just like a switch.
Sometimes though, it can take a little preparation before pressing the switch.  Well, if things aren’t in the right place, or we’re not ‘seeing it’ how we could, it can change everything?
Let’s face it, if it isn’t working now, then you’ve got to change something to make it work, simple as yeah?
What if I could put you on the right road, step by step? Would you take my hand, would you go for a different way to change now, to get on the right path?
Wouldn't it be better to take the path of least resistance? yes I'm kind of a rebel woman too, but really? sometimes it's about NOT being so immovable for your own good!
In just 49 days enjoy your life!
Or 49 days to be a fantastic ‘role model’ of confidence for your life or business
49 days to YOU becoming, and stepping onto the road that will take you to fulfilling your real dreams!
The only way, I know that can happen, is because I’ve done it too, and not only that, I’ve shown many women ‘how to’.  It’s a journey, not only do I know, and believe you can get there, I now know, that you can have all you want in your life, your personal life or your business, it is possible!
A lot of the work needed to get there is all about mindset. Aha! I hear you say.  Yes, you do have to do something, but believe me, not too much.  Some people ‘get’ it in an instant, some are further away, that’s okay we’re all different.  Of course depending on what you want, decides how much work you may have to put into it.
This month for me has been a lot of de-cluttering, and believe me decluttering shifts energy like you wouldn’t believe! I would advise this step for great changes, combined with my Cinderella to Princess course to begin to enjoy life like a Princess!  Why? that’s because sweetie you are one!  We just have to take off all the baggage loading you down, it feels like you’re a bag lady buried under all the coats at a party!
When really, you should be out there enjoying yourself! Now! Honestly, life isn’t supposed to be that difficult, and when you have a few guidelines to follow, then everything can just slot into place!
I truly want that for you, and so many other women in the world, it is time you took your own power back and found who you are again – Okay let’s do this step by step, one step at a time…