Monday, 11 December 2017


Yes it look fabulous doesn’t it?

Yet, at this time of year, i.e., two weeks before Christmas, we’ve all got so much planned to do for the festive season, that it can feel frustrating!

But, what can you do?

Answer? Absolutely nothing, but go with the flow

And isn’t that the same with most things, unexpected that come up, or are thrown at us?

What can we do, but just be in the moment, look at our options, and take it day by day.

The weather certainly teaches us this, along with patience, tenacity, and sheer determination sometimes!

Tenacity, I like that word, it’s meaning:

The quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly. Perseverance, single-mindedness, strength of will, firmness of purpose, tirelessness, steadfastness etc.

You get the ‘Drift’, unlike the snow and ice lol

We are able to get behind anything we set our minds to, it’s about recognising setbacks, yet not allowing them to set us back!  We can move through them in another way, find another path, there’s thousands of different paths out there.

Now obviously, being snowed in, is one we cannot sometimes avoid.  But then, we can take advantage of being isolated by using the time to practice self-care, or all the computer work behind the scenes, you’ve been putting off? Hence this blog lol.  If you’re in business, or if not, all those things you’ve been wanting to do, but havn’t had the time?


The reading, the creativity, that painting you’ve had in your mind to do for months!  Use this time thrown onto you, in a positive way. 

This really is a sketch for life don’t you think?

To sit up and smell the roses! 

While you can, as none of us know what the future holds, that’s all we can do, right?

If in doubt? Be prepared to busk it, at any moments notice! 

In true warrior fashion, thinking on our feet, a way to help get through it? 

I want you to ask yourself:
  • ·         What is a step I can take at this moment, to get me closer to my goal?  What can I do or take action with?

  • ·         Ask for help.  Be responsible for yourself, who can I ask, to get further help with something I’m not sure about?

  • ·         Then, the most important... TAKING ACTION and doing it!

No, not after that coffee, or this afternoon, or tomorrow, next week etc.


If you’d like some accountability, then ask a friend to allow you to message them, what you are doing today, so you can check in later and say, I've done that, then you can feel all goody two shoes pleased with your acheivement of the day!

Or if you want, you can send your accountability to me, right here and now! Why not? Put a heading of 'Accountability' before the text.

Send it via text message or messenger to: Sally Hope Woodroffe or mobile number 07922828903 – done and dusted, then message me later on today when you’ve done it!

This is for YOUR accountability, I’m not going to comment on whether you’ve done something or not, no, I’m not your Mother figure, it’s YOUR intention, when it’s written down, believe me it’s so, so powerful for your dreams out there to begin to enter your life!  

I'm Sally Hope Woodroffe a Professional, Registered Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Writer, Teacher, Musician, Singer Songwriter and Artist.  My dream, is to create a better world in all I do. 

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