Monday, 8 January 2018

What's Greenham Common got to do with self-care?

What’s Greenham Common got to do with self-care?

I’ve been concerned over the years about our use of cleaning products, for ourselves and our homes that contain any chemicals, sulphites, parabens etc.

I know it costs more to buy them usually.  The other day talking with friend, she said

’I just use the cheapest’

Yep, we all do that, the cost is always a factor.

Recently, I came across a post on Facebook,
discussing what everyone uses for organic personal, cleaning products etc., which was very interesting to read, especially as it was a group of over 50’s.

Everyone reeled off their organic product favourite companies, while helpful, I still don’t usually pay more than £4 for a bottle of shampoo! To me £15 is a lot for shampoo, as I read others choices! 

My Mum, I’m proud to say at 56 years old, lived on till 88, but she, as my role model, stood up for what she believed in.

I don’t know, if you’ve ever heard of the womens peace camp in Greenham Common, 1982 protesting against the siting of US cruise missiles in the UK?

She went to Greenham common for the day, by coach to offer support, forming  ‘A chain of peace’, peace always being ‘her word’  They were there, to stage a protest in holding hands around a designated intended site, for American cruise missiles in Berkshire. 

A point that’s always staring back at us all is, as mentioned in the article below people think:

‘Well they must have been hippies’?

My Mum was never a ‘hippy’ she had many friends of all different ‘personal choices’.  What she did have was an open heart, always there for others, their troubles, maybe I inherited some of that lol? 

As they say in the Guardian article:

‘People think everyone at Greenham Common was a hippy, but many were ordinary women who did the cooking, and whose husbands played golf, and didn’t mind them coming because there were no men.’
The Guardian

What it did do was teach my generation about collective action, how yes, we must stand up for what we believe in – and it is NOT a subversive action to do so.

Why is it wrong, to want to protect your children? Your safety? The whole worlds safety?

No, it’s common sense, its only when there’s more of a balance, of male and female, that we actually achieve any form of balance, because both sexes have their own unique strengths, sometimes it’s about turning your challenges into your strengths. 
Secondly, it says a lot about the perceived husbands in 1982?  That they didn’t mind their wives going to be possibly arrested, because there were no men going on ‘the trip’?

‘The trip’ makes it sound like a trip to Bangor? With an ice-cream?

What did they think their wives were going for?  Probably more likely, I imagine, in the case of my mum was, that her partner at the time, knew if she said she was going, there was nothing they could have said to stop them!  I admire her for that too!

What women? being ‘allowed’ to do what they felt passionate about? as long as it didn’t involve men?

Or, it may involve men police officers? That would be okay?  It says in the article above, they followed them into the bushes when they needed to relieve themselves?  The women, I mean not the men.  

Anyhow, I digress, what has Greenham common got to do with self-care?

Well after my friend’s comment, I did what most younger people do nowadays, I googled paraben and sulfite free conditioner, because I’ve yet to find an organic conditioner that actually works on my hair!

Lo and behold, a whole list of products came up, from big brands!  Wow!

It always pays to come up with the right questions!

This means that all YOU women, who’ve objected to buying big brands because of the contents, have actually created this demand in the market place, companies are, actually listening to YOU?

Not only listened to, but created out there for us women!  Conditioners that don’t harm, that are safe for us to use? 

Though, I must admit, while writing this down, I feel sad, we have to state this want of safety? before common sense is used, to create anything that does not harm ANYONE.

And NO, I’m not a hippy.  I’m probably just like you? I want to live in a safe world, where anything harmful will be labeled with a warning?  So that I can make an informed choice?  Personally, I don’t want to damage the earth either, but that still doesn’t make me a hippy.

I don’t think that’s too much to ask?

The good news is:  It means that you’re being observed nowadays.
Companies do take notice, without you having to risk life or limb or imprisonment to do it!  That means my Mum did have an actual impact, even as a small link, collectively, in that ‘chain of peace’ in 1982.

It’s as simple as ‘what you purchase’ and what ‘you don’t purchase’ and if you take the time to google the cheaper priced stores of safe cosmetics, then costs will begin change to reflect YOUR ‘want’s’

Do not ‘put up’ with anything other than, your beliefs, your choices, whilst being mindful of others free choice too.   We need to make our own boundaries, to collectively, make a bigger positive difference to our world.