Monday, 6 November 2017

Professional's in the bank!

I’ve come across many professionals, working with clients in many differing job descriptions, that are all experiencing the same thing…overwork!
But also, with expectations from the ‘boss’ of enormities of work load that no-one can possibly fulfil.
It is, as I use the term, an ‘impossible task’
Working with people, as individuals is measurable only by its differences, and individualities.  There are no rule books, in these professions, GP’s, University lecturers etc., Social Workers, Lawyers, anything to do with the NHS, and so on, you get the drift, most of the time
, you’re following your gut instincts, along of course with your training.  But, very difficult to have a company policy to do with every eventuality?
Thing is, if the onus is put on the employee, they cannot start working extra hours, because eventually, they become burnt out, and the ‘to do’ pile gets even bigger.  Whichever way you look at it, it is a balance.
The employee working with these individualities, where do they the professional go to, to offload? Usually there’s no supervision or it’s not adequate.  That means they’re ‘carrying’ the load on their back, feeling responsible for many people, and yes, I’m afraid it’s not conducive to happy or efficient employees.
What to do?
That’s where I come in, as a Counsellor, and the magic of ‘offloading’, finding better solutions to problems, let’s face it, anything to do with people, you’re going to come up against the ‘exception to the rule’!
If you’re a professional like me, seek out your own ‘supervisor’ or ‘counsellor’, to deal with this very problem, it’s like money in the bank, for your health, your clients, your family, your job and your peace of mind. 
One of my first mentors - the wonderful Ellen Von Einem, I cannot tell you how much I learnt from her, and still use!
Because none of us are just working because we love it, though ‘yes, I do’, but, my home and family life is also very important to me, we work to be paid for our ‘good work’.  And why not?  If money casts up this, dirge of darkened feelings, then there’s a whole lot of work around money to be done. 

As a professional, you’ve invested many hours training, working, money, insurance, websites, continual professional development, professional body memberships etc., the list goes on.  And sometimes you give more, because it feels right, but…you cannot give from a well of no water, there is a limit.

Sometimes you need to be responsible for yourself?  You need to offload? Go out there and find yourself the best counsellor you can, take off that heavy load, it can be monthly, give yourself back the joy of your profession, or why, you started it in the first place.


Time to chill, and rest a moment...

It’s all part of self-care, or good mental health, I don’t believe any one is untouched by bad mental health occasionally in their lives, it’s not for the few, but, it is something you can carefully manage to lessen the damage to yourself, CONTINUALLY, not just for Christmas!

Who am I?  I'm Sally Hope Woodroffe a Professional, Registered Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Artist, Musician, Singer Songwriter, prolific creative woman hopefully creating a better world in many ways
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