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Meaning of Life

Meaning of Life

Whether you're in business or working for someone, this is important, whether you're a housewife, or a stay at home mum or anything else in life!

There has to be meaning to it! A purpose, a 'WHY', A LOVE OF IT!

As you get older it is a natural 'finding' of the self, you begin to value your time, so you enjoy every single moment of it.

And so it is with people you surround yourself with too.  If others don't respect you as a good kind friend, and don't treat you in the same way, then you will attract others like them towards you.

It's true, it's not the amount of friends you have, but the quality of the relationships, whether they are 'real' friends? lets face it who wants people around you just to 'pander' to you? or use you, or even abuse you?

Many people see work as a necessary evil WHY?  Out of all the jobs out there, can you not see a way of doing something you love, to make money?

You know eventually you'll go, oh **** this I want to be a zoo keeper! why didn't I think of that before.

In my teens, there wasn't much choice in career directions at all, especially as a woman?  It was incredibly sexist then, and yes still is in some professions.  But the only option I had was to go to secretarial college.

That was it, end of!  If you made it as a secretary or PA, it was like the 'top of the tree' for women!?? really? and moneywise!

What fun? shorthand, filing and typing on one of these! Noisy machines that used typewriter ribbon, kind of different to now!  Take it from someone who knows, not a fun job, for me anyway.  Though of course some people may enjoy it, even now!

But nowadays, there is endless choices for you, I would always say, 'what is it that you enjoy doing? or that brings you joy'  Just forget about the money to begin with.

Even if you said 'Partying' ?? 

That means you know what makes a good party,  begin a party planner company or join one, work as a chef, barmaid, entertainer, interior designer, dancer, lighting, music, the list is endless - which bit is it that you like?

Oh the drinking? Set up a brewery, pub, wine taster, if it's the getting wasted then that's what your planning for your life, down the line in a few years, believe me.  You do need to get help for this illness, it's an addiction.

You may need to question:

'what is it that you are trying to get away from?' or

'what bit of your life are you trying to numb?' 

'Are you so unhappy when not drunk?'

Of course, if it is alcoholism, I have to tell you, having previously worked in this field with counselling, that it is, the same with any addiction, an illness. 

There is relevance in this, because unless you find what 'floats your boat' you will always be searching for something, something that gives your life some meaning.  Something that makes your heart sing!  What gives you peace?

That can be your kids, family, music, nature, whatever it is do more of it!  Make it so you can fill your life with it!  And you know what? the money will arrive.  Once you're in that joy of 'just being', it will support you, be there to encourage you, you'll be on the right track, cos that is 'where' the meaning of life is.

From the 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' and no it's not really the answer, but who am I to say?

We can only go on our own experiences, but usually what we love to do is something that as kids, we always wanted to do, if in doubt, look there in your past.

It may be about being creative with it, thinking of the many applications of it.  Because whether your working for someone else or yourself, it makes a huge difference if you are happy in your work and your whole life?

Makes sense to me!  Think out the box, on a grander scale, here's a good place to start, make a spider chart:

Write your 'love' in the middle of a piece of A4 paper

Put a circle around it

Draw lines off the circle with things to do with it, sub topics and so on, so you end up with a spider looking drawing like this:

But then it's time to take action!  Do something about it!

That shouldn't be too difficult when it's something you love...

Who am I? I'm Sally Hope Woodroffe, a Professional, Acredited Registered Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Artist, Musician, Singer Songwriter, prolific creative woman creating a better world in many ways.

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