Monday, 24 July 2017

Let's talk about balance...

This is me in my garden, I love gardening, I'm not that good at it, well, I say that, but, I grow tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries etc.  But not so hot on planting flowers that come out one after the other! That's an art isn't it?
But, it gives me such a balance, for my 'thinking head' work, that is needed constantly.  I'd be a very boring person, if counselling was the only thing I was into?
We all need alternatives, to feed our soul, or spirit and what better way than being in the garden, in the sun, grounding ourselves walking on the grass! mmm heaven!
I count myself lucky I work from home, because in between appointments, I can step out into the beautiful green around me and let go, of my busyness for a moment.
It's something that you do have to be strict about?  To remember, hey yes I've been on the computer for an hour, lets take 15 minutes to just rest our eyes, and take in the fresh air.
This summer has been very much about, having to be in the moment, because it's been very changeable, which means, we have to make the most of every moment the sun comes out! 
But gardening, is just one of my joys, I also love sewing, music, and yes even me, getting into cooking, after having new kitchen!  Anyone who knows me will think, well that's a first!
But making good food for the family, and socialising is great! 
What things make your spirit happy?  Make you 'lose' yourself, just in a good space?  Make sure you're leaving time in your everyday life to reach this balance.
Believe me, it's very important, they are probably the times you look back on as magic moments in your life, sometimes they are not able to be planned for? they just happen, but they do need the 'space' to 'be'