Monday, 25 July 2016

I have to tell you the truth about me...

I have to tell you the truth about me… 

I know what love can do

I know how it can heal anything

But it all has to start within you and your heart…


My story is painful, yet so transformative…

In my twenties I went through a huge breakdown, all down to my first husband’s manipulations of the truth.

The carpet was pulled from under me, the experience, made me ‘feel’ rootless, ‘no rules’ of ‘how to be’ anymore.  I felt so lost, paranoid, I was experiencing concepts such as time travel, thought he was trying to kill me, (maybe he was) so I didn’t eat anything he made me.

Imagine how it would ‘feel’ not knowing ‘how to be’ in any situation? Like your mind was wiped clear?  I know why it’s called a ‘breakdown’ but at the time, I didn’t know about counselling lol

I went down to 6 stone, the shower hurt my skin, I was quite literally losing my mind and my life, and why?  I was asking ‘life’ or ‘whoever was in charge’ a big fat ‘why’ ‘what is the point of it all’

I had lost all hope, I was using my life as collateral, I was asking BIG questions and I would go all the way to find my answers.  I needed to know NOW 

Two weeks later, I was (literally) taken to see Ellen Von Einem, (by someone else I didn’t know, who knew her) she was in her 60’s then, she passed at 94.

It was like I was in between worlds? And she stepped in, and with one session of counselling and hypnotherapy and her attitudinal therapy, she removed half of the heavy burden I was carrying.  She then saw me every day for two weeks, and proceeded to teach me all she knew.

This episode lasted just two weeks! But it felt like an eternity, and no, I wouldn’t recommend this way, but I did find all my answers via Ellen.  

It was such a big teaching for me how powerful ‘our minds’ can be?  How easily they can destroy, or create in a beautiful way, anything you want!

I proved that to myself, that’s how I know the whole power of the mind, and how you can use it and trust it, for what you want.

I wasn’t ‘ill’ physically, though by the time I got to Ellen, one of my vertebrae was ‘out’ of alignment, (the physical aligns with the mental) she first of all took me and lifted me up, correcting my spine.

What was the basis of her ‘healing’ LOVE and even more LOVE?

I am so grateful to have known such a wonderful woman who became a friend and mentor.  Because of my experiences, once you have a foot in both worlds, it still remains open.

This is the truth of my experience, hopefully my vulnerability in sharing this, will give you the hope, and trust, that yes, it is true, that following love, is the way, you can release the fear and anxiety.

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