Monday, 25 July 2016

One Hundred Monkey Syndrome

Welcome to the Circus!
Have you ever heard about the one hundredth monkey syndrome?
Are you being upgraded?
I am, I can't resist the comparison of the moment, with being upgraded to fibre optic broadband!  It's reached the house, but not yet 'into' the house.
Such a simile, of what's happening to us in the world.  Hence the one hundredth monkey syndrome.  It was a study done on an island of monkeys of their behaviour.  They noticed the group of monkeys had altered their behaviour's to all others in the world.
But then, a fascinating thing happened! their altered habits suddenly spread to all other monkeys in the world!
So how? What's going on here?
It turns out, it was because of the huge amount of them changing the way they thought, that created a shift in all of their thinking, creating almost a species evolution.
Or in another way, if we talk about consciousness, if so many of the 'whole' simply 'think' in a certain way, then it causes a mass consciousness upgrade between them!
This is evolution as we know it, it happens all the time, but not usually quite as dramatically as this moment in time?
The last big shift was at the time the Beatles came out, when you look at footage of the time, in black and white! Everyone spoke 'the queens english', any hair over the collar was outrageous! all men wore suits! take a look at the old films and see for yourself.
This is more of a spiritual upgrade, like fibre by the speed of light - sound crazy it's actually more crazy that we only use one third of our brain capacity!
What does the rest do?  better than any computer you can buy?  This is putting it into materialistic terms, but it's going to be very interesting
What if you didn't need a phone, computer etc. to connect with others?  This is the future - if we can imagine it, it is there, it will happen.
It's not about me, it's about us, as a whole, where we are heading for is obvious, and love is the only way!
See the book launch this Wednesday this is an important time in our evolution!