Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The BIG money issue

I have to touch upon a ‘touchy’ subject with some people here, ‘money
While some have a good relationship with money, others do not, sometimes, through, no fault of their own, health problems, unable to work, there are as many varied hard luck stories as there are people.  Whatever the 'story' lots of people genuinely need some help, and may not have the money to get it.

There's usually a lot of shame and guilt around ‘not having the money’ or taking benefits or even 'accepting' help!
I’m reading some horrendous stories about ‘tax credits’ in the UK, just being taken off people with nothing, and them being made homeless, referred to a telephone ‘counsellor’, except they are not professional counsellors at all.  One telephone so called counsellor told someone to go outside and have a cigarette?

I came across this as a counsellor, many years ago in a 'proper job', with mergers being made, I was offered another position as a ‘counsellor’, BUT it wasn’t for a counsellor, it was for a ‘Addictions worker’.  Yes, I could’ve applied for the job and probably got it, being an ‘insider’, and continued to take my ‘reduced’ monthly ‘living’ wage, but nevertheless, a ‘wage’.

I was appalled, of this idea!
True, some of them, who took the jobs, were proper counsellors, but, to work with others that had no professional training, just threw me a huge ‘curveball’.  You may say, I could’ve made a difference, on a ‘living wage’, but here’s the thing…

I would have had to ‘renounce’ my professional capacity as a counsellor
UNLESS, I worked part time, on top of a full time job, to fund being a counsellor.  If a counsellor ‘stops’ working, they cannot just ‘start’ again, it has to be continual, unless you don’t mind not being a member of a professional body.

With expenses of training over 5 years in the first place to be qualified, monthly supervision, Insurance, being a member of a professional body BACP, marketing, counselling directory, website, domain name, continual professional development (a stipulation of the professional body BACP) office supplies, Office rental, Tax, Accountant – All these expenses are not cheap.
I’m not complaining here, only in that, some people are NOT getting the help they need NOW.  It’s such a tricky one, we as counsellors, cannot help ‘friends’ or people we know, and cannot work with anyone without a monetary exchange.  I've occasionally found myself in the grey area of this, well arguably facebook ‘friends’ are people you don’t really know anyway, but THEY FEEL you could just switch on your counsellor hat for them,  and quickly solve a problem?    

It’s an anomaly of counselling that, only if you’re a counsellor, you would understand?

It’s a bit like expecting a doctor to do an operation on a moving train? 
It’s not the time or place, and the profession has strict boundaries to follow that cannot be broken, because, otherwise counselling just doesn’t work - A doctor needs all the history of the patients illnesses, risk issues, mental and physical, all the details, life story etc.   The same goes for a counsellor, It's not something you can sort in an instant, of course that depends on how complicated the issue is, and how honest a client is first of all to themselves. 

Where am I going here, well, yes the people that need the help don’t usually have the money, but I don’t feel offering my time for £5 an hour is ever an option to be able to continue being able to afford being in my job!  I’ve seen this done in some places, I believe it cheapens the profession, and is saying to government funding, that its okay for counsellors to pay all their expenses and then just work as a ‘volunteer’?

I’m attempting here, to tell it exactly how it is
Of course I do concessionary priced sessions, but most of the clients I have, are working, so they enable me to be working too!  I also, do have a very small percentage of funding available  to me,  for those who don’t have any money left to deal with their issues, so if this fits you, then please do get in touch with me.

I believe, it is so important to get the help you need when, you need it.  It is brilliant to ‘be positive’ in the most awful circumstances, BUT not if you’re just ‘avoiding the issue’  It isn’t going to get any better, by burying it, I know that.  

I know too well the feeling of shame, or guilt
Believe me, that is a huge mountain to get up and over yourself, on your own.  Sometimes, you need to ‘let it out’ otherwise it’s like a human volcano, that is going to erupt, and possibly put you in a dangerous position. 

You are better than that, YOU can do this, I do believe in YOU, and I CAN help and enable you…

It’s just a question of ‘if you’ll allow’ yourself to realise, there is an ‘issue’
That needs dealing with, and this can take many years sometimes, but until you do, you’ll be like a ‘bouncy ball’ and you’ll never really experience being truly ‘happy’.
What is the point in that?
Especially, when I can apply for the funds for YOU to get the help you need...
So please get in touch 01686 430503 / 07922828903
Counselling can be face to face in the Mid Wales area, or Skype or phone