Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Diamonds are a girls best friend! Or are they?

I’ve had an interesting week, I really have!
It’s been revealing to say the least.

In what way you ask?

Well I have a BIG birthday coming up this weekend, and I guess, because it’s a big one, I feel and apparently, everyone else around me does, that I need to have something for my birthday, that is, representational to the amount of years I will be.  Really?

Of course, all birthdays are important and you should celebrate them!  But do you make the ones with the zeros more important?  Every birthday is an achievement don’t you think? An achievement of being wiser, sharing your life with those you love, enjoying yourself, ‘being’ happy, isn’t that what everyone wants?

I was drawn in, I must admit, to the idea of some diamond earing’s, my first thought!  I’d had some Pearl one’s last year, though not a zero birthday, and I absolutely love them! 

The thing is, I don’t know about you, but, can you see a difference in real pearls?  In the quality of them, so that they actually mean something to you?  Now I don’t want you to think I’m spoilt, cos really, I’m not, but looking at the size of the diamonds in earing’s I saw, for a substantial amount of money, I just thought no, they don’t make me feel good or special!

So, I looked around for something else, I saw a nice chain bracelet, a cheaper sparkly necklace, (this was just to have something ‘on the day’ yeah I know crazy!)  – I could not find anything that spoke to me, really!  When I walked into the shop, a lady said to me, it’s all beautiful isn’t it? Don’t you just want everything?  And I thought, well no, I’m having trouble finding the right thing for me.

That’s the thing though, do you ever realise you’re going for ‘the things to buy’ instead of ‘what they make you feel like’?  The emotions they conjure up, maybe your own self-worth is far more than you realise, because it’s not about the money, it’s about what you’re feeling, in your life that matters the most to you!

This is a revelation in itself!  Do you find you don’t even look at ‘real’ jewelry because you can’t afford it full stop?  Does it make you feel less worthy?  But then you suddenly realise, if you’d looked at them, as if you were going to buy them, you may not want any of it? cos you’re really not, feeling it? 

Do you do that? Do you stop giving yourself even the experience, of finding out, ‘what you want’ without thinking about the money?  If you suddenly had excess money would, you know exactly what you would buy? 

The answer to this is not ‘Diamond Earrings’ no, no no, you need to know:

What type of diamonds as in:






in gold, silver, white gold

whether they suit you

what shop they’re in

and finally, what price they are for the ‘energy’ or money exchange

Ah but no, wait a minute, the most important of them all is whether they make you ‘feel WOWZA!’ 

But, you do need, all this information, otherwise you’re going to be running around like a blue a…d fly frustrated because you don’t really ‘know’ what you want.

And that goes for everything in your life…If you don’t focus on what it is, you want, then the universe is going to give you all those things you don’t want…It’s all just focus

Yes, that’s it, in a simplistic way, but so, so true 

I now give you permission to go into any shop you want, and shop with all your heart, (no money involved here!) just ‘how it would make you feel’ I want you to look at everything until you find things that make you feel like a ‘million dollars’ – but, remember it’s not about the money! It’s about the ‘feeling’ – because you never know what the universe has in store for you, and to be honest it’s not really helping you much focusing on the limits of your life is it?  

I was talking to someone about the FREE assessments I give you, I realised why they are so needed, because no, I don’t take everyone on as a client.  That may surprise you, you’d think I’d want to grab every last penny of work I can?

Well it doesn’t work like? Cos you only have so many hours in the week, so it makes sense to be choosy ‘who’ you work with right?

Especially when you’re in ‘the better I am at my job’ the less time my clients stay working with me?

And I can see how crazy that looks, for my work, but you know I’d rather work with people who are really committed to doing the work, than those messing around and not even wanting, to do the work on themselves.

Literally, I have seen some amazing people, mainly women, who are upping their lives to exactly, what, and how they want it, in business and in life, these women truly inspire me, I feel so grateful to love my job and my clients.

They do ‘get it’ truly, and that means I get to be the best coach or counsellor for them.  And in turn that is what gives you a good reputation for what you do!

This is another ‘conscious choice’ that you have to make, because again, it has to mean something deeper to yourself, what’s the point in spending all your time dealing with people who don’t ‘get’ where you’re coming from. 

If you’re looking for some real focus in life or biz, and want to work with me, have a look at whether you fit the criteria below:

a) You’re committed to doing the work, you really want to change your life for the better, I’m really not in the business of wasting anyone’s (yours or mine) time and money…and

b) The work you want to do is an area I’m experienced in

If this fits you get in touch for your free assessment, take action NOW

ACTION will always move you forward!

Email me: sally@absolutelyfabulousminds.com – Just ask for your FREE assessment, we’ll have a 15-minute chat for me to take details about you, what issues you want to work with, and see if we feel comfortable talking to each other and working together!  I’m here to enable those like you, to achieve your dreams of feeling happy and prosperous in your life!  Don’t wait till the next big birthday lol

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