Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Do you relate to this?

There’s something important I need to say, about me, but, I have to say it because it may be about you too.  If your anything like me, then you will feel this sometimes.

I was always a shy kid, didn’t make friends easily, I was always friendly, but, making friends didn’t happen naturally like it did for others?  My friends at school were all the kids that no-one wanted to be friends with, multi-cultural kids or the quiet thinking book worm ones.

I wasn’t shouty, dramatist, uniquely clever or dull – just going through the motions, hating all sport!  I loved books, but in school, ‘War of the Roses’ at 9? Seriously?  I always felt I was the observer, watching everything play out around me.  I guess I was quite serious and thoughtful; like I was born adult.

Forward 50 years, still the same! I can see now, why I’m good at listening, why I have the patience, others wouldn’t have, why I can give my undivided attention to someone 100% - that comes easy to me, in fact I’ve been doing it all my life as the listener.

Here’s where it gets difficult, they say in marketing, to be yourself, which is kind of missing the first hurdle? Because I’m not talky talky, I’m more listen y listen y and I’m saying this, cos you may feel it too.  In every group there’s the mad one, the crazy one, the serious one, the drama queen, the feeling one, and the quiet one.

That’s not to say I don’t have a wicked sense of humor, I love laughing, and, if I can say so myself, be very funny as my ‘timing’ is usually perfect, it’s the ‘way’ you tell ‘em!  I was born expressing, music, lyrics, singing, writing, feeling, growing.

And that’s all I can be, myself, that’s all I want to be, myself, the deep thinker, the philosopher, the woman who paints ‘whatever’ with her heart, creates whatever, with all she has, puts into each and everything the best she can. 

I don’t believe in doing anything half measures, I have a strict ‘observer’ observing me, I’m the one who can replay conversations days later, untangling them almost like I have a replay button! Yeah I know weird right? But true.  I work at seeing links that stick in my mind, that tease me, so that I have to gently approach them and, while they’re not looking, cajole them out, like a kitten hiding under the step, to bring them out, to untangle them, look at them.

Then they show themselves, and eureka it’s a breakthrough, a moment of realization, that you cannot ‘put off’ otherwise it will fly away, if you do.  No, you have to take the tail now! And run with it, that is the only way of catching it

I guess that’s one of my failings, attempting to re-create the wheel, but it has to be worth doing well in my life, otherwise I don’t see the point.  So, yeah sometimes I feel like the dreamer, but that’s who I am.   In a medieval world I would be the astrologer, the philosopher, and the bard – either that or I’d be living on a hilltop.  Some things never change?   

I’ve connected spiritually in many ways.  It’s that question, if your listening to your mind, who is it that is answering?   That’s not to say, I’d tell you, well you may as well leave him now, because it’s your journey not mine, and you cannot ‘force’ others to grow. Their journey should be their own.

I guess I see using these ‘gifts’ like being told truths, without having to experience it? It won’t mean anything, like taking mind altering drugs to open neural pathways, you’re really not prepared for.

Yes of course this is about me, but I felt it was important, because some of you would really relate to it…

Some thinker musings…

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