Monday, 8 February 2016

Of Course I don't have mental health issues, do I ?

It is the hoax of the century isn't it?  Lets define 'Mental Health issues' shall we?

The definition of the term 'Mental Health' from the Oxford Dictionary is:

   'A person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being: all this pressure seems to be affecting his mental health'

Oh, so that means, as long as were not under any pressure, our emotional well being will be okay?

Hello, earth to whoever's out there - um but, we're human?  So, to re-cap, we'll be okay if we don't have any relationships, children, jobs, unemployment, houses, money troubles, or any other nasty surprises!

I'm sorry I think I just walked into a parallel world or universe? well you'd have to, to eliminate all of that wouldn't you - the only thing you can think of, to be on that vibration, is to run away to a monastery and denounce everything in your life?

But you don't want to do that.  What I'm saying here is that the 'tag' of mental health affects us all, most of the time, obviously there are differing scales and degrees of it, as there are differing human beings, with different thoughts and uniqueness.

I've never particularly liked that 'tag' anyway, it just suggests we're completely mad, sorry but it does, I think because the word 'mental' is used? Dur could be? Could'nt it have been called 'Peaceful Health Issues'? that makes more sense to don't you think? Where would be the stigma if anyone threw that at you...

 'I think your suffering from 'peaceful health issues!!!'  

'Yeah so what' would be the reply...end of...I rest my case

It's a word that automatically makes you not want to have it, the stigma is there by saying I have mental health issues, is a bit like saying I have fleas or something equally as 'you shouldn't admit it', just saying it makes it all sound so much worse? It's stigma on top of stigma.

It's not like saying, 'well actually I feel a little down today' or 'don't know why but I feel a little lost at the moment' or 'I feel like crying today and I don't know why?'

These seem to be 'human tendencies' and it seems to be a present day malady, to have to pretend we're okay with all of our life, all the time, hell no there's no vulnerabilities here, of course not!  

I'm here to tell you on planet earth, it's okay, cos we're human, you can have an off day, you can be angry, you can cry if you feel like it, AND I'm never going to ever, ever 'tag' you with the 'mental health issues' term.  It de-humanises us doesn't it, a bit like the other term 'service user' that people in care homes have become. That to me is shocking.

So, where are you at, what peaceful health issues are you having at the moment?

And just so you know that we ALL get similar issues happening to us, none of us are 'let off' from feeling knackered from raising kids, from feeling emotional for so many reasons, for not knowing what our direction should be, or for doubting in ourselves and our worth, it's a hole we can fall into at any time unless we actually listen to our own voice of reason, which sometimes for obvious reasons, we don't.

You know it can just be, so complicated being a woman? with all those hormones kicking around every month? 

Yes, it can be a big deep puddled hole just like Dawn French in the Vicar of Dibley!

And if it's so deep that you're not sure you can pull yourself out of it, then that is why I am here for you.  Cos I've been there, done that and know how it feels, and I'm trained to help you gently put you, back together again.

Just you and me to re-build, put you back together again, for you to love your life once more, to feel joy in the morning, even with the occasional small dips - that is worth everything! That is what is called peaceful health.

To your wonderful peaceful health! 

Who am I?  I'm Sally Hope Woodroffe a Professional, Registered Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Artist, Musician, Singer Songwriter, prolific creative woman hopefully creating a better world in many ways.  You can join me at or email at and subscribe here to receive various goodies and competitions!