Thursday, 17 December 2015

Yes, there is always an answer!

Yes, there is always an answer, how do I know? because I'm working with people all the time, and there always is!
Somewhere, somehow, it will present itself, and it may be something that you just never imagined.  Or things change so much, that an answer is just there, it's like magic, like a rainbow sometimes.
A rainbow only appears with a bit of rain, it's like the jewel in
the wet and windy weather, it appears and makes us feel everything
is brighter!  Strange that, because it's transitory, only there for
a moment and yet it can really 'lift' us, and as usual we are always
looking for ways to change how we 'feel'.
Because, when we 'feel' differently, guess what? Everything changes, within us, for us, around us.  It can be like swallowing a 'perfect' pill, because everyone else reacts differently to us too!
It's all about 'how' you feel, what you put out in energy if you like,
It's all energy, your feelings, other peoples reactions to you, even
Everyone is individual, and it can take different amounts of time to
find your answers, but that is up to you, and believe me, you know
best.  There is absolutely no, judgement on how long a decision takes because we all have our own answers, and it has to be just right for you. 
That's why this therapy works so well, because YOU are the designer, only you can design your life, that's how it should be.  What it's about is looking at the options for you to choose to change it.
Okay, it's slightly more complicated than that, but that's my part
in it, that's what I've been trained for.  But, in you, I trust all
your answers will present themselves, if you want them to, in their
own time.