Monday, 21 December 2015

While were on the subject of money

So, while were on the subject of money, how did the last post about money with the money meditation make you feel?

Its here if you didn't see it

I've heard people say they don't like to talk about money, or they get uptight or defenceless when they do? Why is that?

Did it feel shameful to think about putting money into a bag, like you were stealing it? though I did say it was there for you, but perhaps you still didn't believe me?

Why do you think it's okay for others to have money and not yourself? What are the blocks around money for you?

Do you feel guilty about having money?

If you hate money, how is that going to attract it to you?  Why would you be able to do that?

It's about a mind set, it always is, there is enough for everyone to go round.

It's only when were honest to ourselves that we can learn about our blocks and how they are affecting us.  Just wondering, is this image above more acceptable to you?  Is it okay for money to look like a necklace rather than paper money?  Or is it the coins that don't appeal to you? which one is it and why are they different?

Cos they all add up to the same thing in the end.  Our monetary worth, though, is not the same as our self worth, or is it?  Is that where the crux of the matter is?

Surely if we are feeling like this around money, we should be accounting for it, making ourselves face up to the reality of it, seeing where it's going to, and how it's coming in.  There's lots of valuable information in these figures that can be so useful towards a business, or a budget.  It's like being grown up about our finances, not putting our heads in the sand and hoping it will be alright, but knowing exactly where we are.

Accountability, is all.  This is a good place to start, to start a positive relationship with money, opening the doors to a positive flow for you. 

I want you now to set your intent now so that, every time you hold money or pay for something, you send out positive thoughts with that exchange.  You know that it is all energy, so you send it out with love, and you await it back with love too, every time, you touch it, notice how you are 'thinking' when you buy something, and adjust it accordingly, change your energy and change your finances.