Thursday, 17 December 2015

Matters of Money!

A little post about money!

Cos I found myself nagging my hubby for not doing what he said he was going to do, many times!, to sort my tax figures, and at the same time, finding myself coming to the huge realisation of how much of 'other peoples stuff' I take on as my own.

And of course, not being responsible for what is mine lol!   

So, I set about the figures, which I admit was very complicated, but, when I got them into excel, it suddenly made so much sense!  I think part of me was scared to reveal the actual truth, and yet by doing this, I found out I'd doubled my income! 

WOW what a revelation! Why do we always think the worst? Why do we expect ourselves to fail, even not bothering to find out?

I spent the rest of the day, updating my figures and actually enjoying it - Knowledge is power, and I'm going to celebrate what I've achieved this year.

Okay, my expenses have increased too, but you know why? Cos I'm taking myself seriously this year, I'm investing in my business, in my skills and knowledge to make it truly a brilliant business.

No more will I be in the dark with my money.  It mirrors the idea of 'am I worthy to receive money?'   

Let me tell you, if you've invested in yourself to give your clients the very best service, then why should you not expect an exchange for your worth.  And worth is relative, because there are only so many hours in the day, so if you have people clamouring to work with you, then put your prices up.

I didn't get this before, but I do now, cos you only want to work with your ideal clients, and I'm not including the concessionary prices here, that's different.  But, if you work too cheap, you definitely get a lot of time wasters, people who are not committed to do the work. Or they are under the impression, that you're going to do the work for them! not so 

I'm not in this job to pay lip service, it can take emotional hard work sometimes, but you will only get out what you put in.  So, I'm not surprised my figures are positive, not exactly what I want them to be, yet! But, moving forward, and that's all good.

I think sometimes, we become scared of money, not allowing it to flow, blessing it as it goes out and in.  Not imagining or seeing ourselves in 'lack' of it.  Having a healthy mind set towards it, thinking of ourselves as abundant in so many good ways.

Yes of course, abundance can be about many different things, of course money is not the be all and end all, there's health, beauty, landscape, people, friends, and probably the most important of all love - but, it's not wrong to allow and accept, money into you life as well, we all need to live!

The trick of abundance is, 'feeling abundant' then, it's attracted towards you.  Sometimes we need to release, beliefs or any blocks, around you, maybe introjections from your parents, their views about money, about lack, what you've been taught. 

So lets, open the doors to abundance in all ways.

Here's a money meditation to get that flow flowing!



'Just take a moment and, close your eyes - and just imagine abundance all around you, like a palace of splendour around you, bags of notes spilt on the floor, so that you have to step over, it's really nothing but paper, an exchange, or an abundance.  

Oh, then, you see a sign that says,

'Take all the money you want',

'Or, just ask for whatever'

and 'Believe that it will be yours'

'Feel how it will make you feel' 

'But remember to thank the universe for your abundance, security and unencumbered happiness.

You find a bag and start putting the money in the bag, you begin to imagine all the things you want, you've waited for, and then you 'feel' what it would be like to have those 'things'.  You can feel the wonderful soft new carpet, the smell of the new car, you know it will be here soon.  Then, you say, thank you universe, I just witnessed your bounty, I shall stay in this abundance, I shall attract even more towards me, by being open to the universal energy that is all around us.

And as you begin to open your eyes, you can feel how your belly feels full, not retracted, how you stand taller with your head high.  Anxieties, you felt before, that literally squashed you 'in', are released, you are positively flowing, expanding your reach, your energy is flowing outwards, enticing other energies to connect with you.  Like attracts like, you will attract inspirational people who fire you up, and make you sparkle even more with infinite possibilities.

You feel so anew, refreshed, free, liberated by the constraints of lack, you have stepped into abundance and it feels wonderful, free, a flowing energy, a vortex a river of everything, whenever you need it.  Your heart expands like a light, a torch of love and you feel such gratitude, you send out thanks for your exchange, for this wonderful abundance.'