Thursday, 22 December 2016

Just a couple of days to Christmas! Or 3 more sleeps!

If you're still rushing around to get this celebration together - Then, just hold on a moment !

You know it is just for one or two days right?

It always seems to get ridiculously over the top and stresses us out!  Unless you're one of those who started planning in the summer!

So why have I got a picture of summer here, mmm windows open, parasol up, relaxing in the garden taking some sun...

A lot of folks suffer from the lack of sun throughout the winter, or Seasonal Affective Disorder read up about it here on the official UK website

Researching into this is quite eye opening, for instance, I've read that most people suffer from a lack of Vitamin D - Of course you must check out with a health care professional or your GP before you add anything like this or want to take supplements, so consult your doctor and have some tests done.

Lack of Vitamin D can cause excessive sweating, muscle weakness, broken bones and depression.  It also helps encourage serotonin production and release.

Here in the UK, and many other countries, for up to half of the year, we are covered up, because it's cold!  Unless you work outside, we spend most of the time inside, not getting even a glimmer of sun.

Though I love where I live, we do lose the sun completely for 8 weeks, because of the hill behind us!  Yes I really do notice this, the positives really do outweigh the negatives here, I'm talking location, location! BUT, maybe not for 8 weeks a year.

What are the alternatives?  Unless we go abroad for 8 weeks of sun?  I rather like that idea, and I'm working on it! believe me.  But thinking that finding out about Vitamin D levels may be a good idea, as you get older, or if you have depressive tendencies especially throughout the winter. 

You see, physically and mentally, it's like a jigsaw puzzle sometimes, cos we're all so individual and different.  Our whole body chemistry is dependant on what we feed it with! That is so true of our minds too, if we surround ourselves with negative people, its very easy to become that too!

What is it they say 'like attracts like'.  But it's important to balance ourselves physically and mentally, cos any imbalance will show up.  But how lucky are we to have the professionals, to unravel the mysteries of our bodies and mind and find what is right for ourselves.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year, I'd like to say thank you so much to all my clients and readers for allowing the wonderful process of counselling, or being interested in my passion, and to those who care enough to make this world even better - Okay, so it's ongoing of course, but step by step WE CAN DO THIS together!

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