Monday, 9 January 2017

What the world needs now is love sweet love...

Picture: Ellen Von Einem when I first met her 33 years ago

I awoke to the sound of rain.  I stayed up later than I should have last night, but working from home means I can at least afford some leeway.  What was going through my mind this morning? 

Apparently, the government state that mental health, should have the same amount of money put into it, as physical health?  With the fact in mind that, Doctors are getting less and less time with each patient, and that the NHS are struggling, is this a plus?  The government say they will do this, by putting money into training teachers to administer ‘mental health’ solutions?

‘Mind’ say, that’s very well, but by the time money’s been allocated, very little will be available to the actual people needing it.  Yes, this rings a bell, I’ve seen this before, having worked for an organization in the past, who wanted to change my job description from ‘Counsellor’ to ‘worker’, purely so less could be spent on wages.

I wasn’t prepared to possibly work alongside those unqualified, or to willingly step outside my profession I have worked so hard for.    That was my ‘why’ start your own company, well in fact, I’d already begun building a business, part time anyway.

I’m just reporting what is happening out there with mental health, via what my husband read this morning.  I cannot react to this, waste my time reading it, or get cross, because to be honest, it doesn’t help.  Rather, it increases my capacity to get it out there myself, in whatever way I can.  It fuels my fire, I know there’s a bigger solution here somewhere, and it’s not going to reveal itself, by my anger, or frustration.

I surrender, I am not responsible for the government, funding, or anything else ‘out there’.  I am purely thinking about what I ‘can do’, not what I cannot.  Hell no! I’m thinking campaign, this has been going around in my head for a while, since this new year, 2017 descended on us.  I’m scribbling words down all over the place, on my phone, on paper, on computer.  The one word I keep coming back to is LOVE.

Don’t you think the term ‘mental health’ conjures up mental institutions of the 1800’s?  Mad people, crazy people, non-human people?  I wrote a blog a while ago, suggesting a change of name, I did at least get a reply about it, someone said something!  The fact it was negative didn’t even matter, just that anyone out there would be so bold to ‘consider’ to discuss it?

Hey you know, I’m a counsellor, hypnotherapist, creative type person, do I get insecure, frustrated or any other human emotions?  Of course, I do, I am human, does that surprise you?  Why?  Do you think there’s a perfect pill anywhere in this human condition?  There isn’t one, were all in this same boat, and after we’ve grown with the last challenge, hey, there will be another one.
Note:  Any professional, working with people, is required (in my case) or needs to, (anyway) use self-care (if not provided for), i.e., seeking mentors, supervisors, counsellors etc., to 'manage' their own selves, ways of working and the issues that WILL arise for themselves. 
 Note: Note: If you find yourself in the quandary, as a teacher with inadequate training, for the 'add on' to your job description, as above, you'll need to seek your own self-care, or professional mentor to manage your work, whether its provided for you, or not.

There will always be a test, and you’ll think ‘Oh yes, I recognize you, I’ve seen you before’.  But, I do know, that if we can stop struggling, let go a minute, and allow some sort of surrender to it, that it will, begin to take us in the right direction, sometimes.  Yes, but as a professional, see both notes above. And yes do seek help with a professional, if you struggle with any challenge.

But I digress, the word LOVE seems so much more than ‘mental health’, it makes me remember when I first asked for help after a breakdown in my twenties.  Ellen a wonderful mentor, healer, wise woman who exuded LOVE from her pores.  Obviously, to be clear, not talking romantic love, but universal, source, the energy, God, prana, Chi, whatever you want to ‘name’ it as, but, LOVE.
Here's Ellen, when she moved to the same place as us, in Spain in the 90's, in her wonderful rainbow jacket she had made for her!  If anyone knows where I can get one of these, please let me know, I love it!  

As she said LOVE is the ultimate force in our universe, throw unconditional love at anyone, any problem, it will dissolve like a pile of dust, to be swept up and cleared away.  It’s always our ‘connection’ to love that is the problem, or disconnection.  To surrender to it, to allow it in, to stop searching within ourselves, sometimes and ‘allow’ a space for LOVE within us.  To witness, ourselves, sat there trying to force something, when maybe all we needed to do, was to ‘give it space’, to allow love to do its work, for ourselves.

Ellen didn’t give me her ‘training’ when I sought her ‘help’.  She gave me her ‘soul’, her ‘spirit’, her open ‘mind’, but the biggest force she used, was LOVE.  Pure, unconditional, human Love.   She allowed me the space, 'saw' where I needed to be connected up again, to LOVE.  She was a ‘magician of mind’ a ‘holder of universal love’, a counsellor and wise woman who at the same time, would lose her sunglasses in the day, and discover them later while having a shower, on her own head!

Her life and trust, being such extraordinary adventures, where she was ‘saved’ countless amounts of time.  By stepping out of a building as it was bombed, her futuristic paintings hanging in the world trade center, stories that would make your hair curl.  Her German heritage, escaping in 1945 via heaving trains, alone, pregnant, and with her small son, fleeing from the Russians, as they invaded Poland and East Germany, despite her father being involved with the resistance movement.  To her eventual convalescence of the past, on Monaco with Princess Grace.

One of Ellen's amazing paintings, she did a few of these fantastic 'horse' paintings, always painting with the light - she's inspiring me, as I'm at the age she started painting, and as I love painting pictures, Okay Ellen, I'm onto it!  
This was the person, who spent her life ‘helping’ others, giving talks about the extraordinary force of LOVE, she was, and still is, my inspiration, and my anchor.

No one needs ‘funding’, they all need some universal, good old fashioned, unconditional love, served up with some respect and re-connection, oh yes, and maybe a spoonful or two, of the 'magic' that counselling is, the genius that Carl Rodgers knew about.  Cos you will lose your way momentarily, because that is what it means, to be human.  We all have the human condition.  

Ellen is no longer on this plane, but still here with me, I know.  She followed us by moving out to Spain, the Mediterranean being an important connection with those, she loved.  I’m so grateful to have known her, for her ‘bringing me back, literally to life’ (another story) and our destiny in sharing our lives.   She was a mentor, a friend, a soul sister, mother, and one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, and yes, I hear her words coming through loud and clear.  

If anyone wants to ‘talk about anything to do with unconditional love’ then please, do.  Oh, and yes, I’m now back in the Druid area of Mid Wales, it’s my current journey in this extraordinary life of mine.  Just going to get my paints out! 

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