Thursday, 14 January 2016

Art For Art's Sake

I've not commented about David Bowie departing this planet, I think that's because, I don't know what to feel.  Of course it's a great loss to us all, that's what people are expected to say right?  But the fact is, that when people depart, it only truly affects us, if they were in our lives.  

Because, those who have left, who were in my life, are the ones I miss the most.  Those in my family that not around me, I kind of have that, looking for them everywhere.  Because, that's the only place I've ever expected to see them, Oh that looked like my Dad in that car driving past, forgetting they had gone.  Maybe it's just my way of dealing with grieving for people, who I never had the option of getting to know further?  Making the mistake of thinking, they'd always be around. 

I think that's what it is with Bowie, I never imagined a life, without him.  Even though, of course I don't know him personally, but, I feel that when I did get to know him, it was such a critical time of my life...

Yes, I became a teenager in 1969.  What I remember about this time, is how creative, musical, anything goes music, clothes wise, fashion - it was like an explosion of colours, freedom and such an exciting time! The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zepplin, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchel, David Bowie - these artists, and so many more pushed boundaries.  They were seemingly left alone, by the 'marketing department' to do what they do best, to present a vision, of what they felt, at that time.

Not a 'record company' 'x factor' re-modelling in sight! Until the 70's?  It just felt like they were 'allowed' or accepted, to do 'art for art's sake' - To be free as artists, musicians, and mix it all together - It's what pure creativity is all about.

So, that's where I come from, not bound by any restriction, creatively of course.  (As a counsellor obviously I have my ethics to follow) Do you feel, we've all become so 'led' um, possibly not a good word, cos there's nothing the matter with learning.  Okay maybe I mean restricted, proper, not allowed to flow as a human being.  Are you in a 'proper job' 9 to 5, something that you may hate doing, just waiting for the day to pass?  What a waste, you see death usually brings us back, to our own and others mortality. 

That, we ultimately have a responsibility, to use our time well, here?  Not to waste it, to be happy in what we're doing? Because what's the point, in leading, a miserable life?  There are those who just work, towards being pensioned off, to be able to do what they want, then very often, not even reaching it?  How can that be a way forward? Isn't that a waste?

You see its my upbringing, with mentors such as Bowie, that I've always felt a rebel towards 'normal'.  I don't see any of us as 'normal' what is 'normal' I don't think any of us know, the answer to that, so we're all trying to 'be' something, we can't even explain.

How about becoming yourself, opening the cage, stepping out, taking that great idea, and using it to build your own business, that you love doing? That's what I'm doing, I love counselling, what it gives to others, it opens so many cages, freeing you! It's amazing.  I also love creativity, art, and music, none of us, are just one thing, we all have a multitude of talents, at our disposal, that others, would absolutely love!  

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Other news:

* I'm also on the brink of bringing out my own workshop to accompany my book, with meditations, paintings, worksheets etc - It's called Cinderella to Princess ! Watch this space!

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Any questions, have a look here on my FAQ's page 

Till next time, wishing you a wonderful new year!