Wednesday, 2 November 2016

'Mindset' what's that got to do, got to do with it









Do you know how much 'Mind set' has to do with your life and business?

Oh believe me, it's huge and especially with us women!

Cos we are so amazing at running ourselves down! we spend most of our lives moving mountains and doing the impossible , and then, we don't even take any credit for it?

Or we're in the 'mind set' of, 'oh I'll do it all myself since they cannot be bothered?

No...just no! stop that now!

I want you to step back, that's right take a step back, and look at what you are filling your life with?

Do you love what you do?  Cos if you don't, you need to seriously change it, and if you don't know how, then listen to your own feelings...

What makes you 'feel' good?

What makes you lose all track of time?

What makes you happy?

Well, go and do more of that!

Mind set is a funny one, because we all know what we 'shouldn't' be saying to ourselves, but we get stuck in it sometimes, why is it difficult to change our negative thoughts? 

It gets into a habit, and the more we go into the spiral, we just can't figure out 'how' to move it.  You have to make a conscious decision to change those negative words, and replace them with positive ones.

In business? are you a creative? Do you feel you have so much to give out there, but are finding it so difficult?  You need to 'step up' to your own worth and the only way that is going to happen is, to appreciate first, and find that 'soul' biz owner, who you truly are.

Sometimes, we sabotage ourselves, reasons, actions or happenings that make you feel like your banging your head against a brick wall, or blocks - so many tests will rear up until they are resolved.

Lets look at your beliefs, do you stay true to them?

Do you say I am worth this much

Then find yourself saying 'Oh well I suppose I could do it for less?'  Note: this is different to allowing so many concessions, but, you still need to keep those boundaries in place, and firmly.

Whenever we 'step up' we will produce a test, to see if we'll say 'NO' definitely not.  It's more to do with your own self, and when you clear out all the negativity, you then need to replace it with your new positive statements, feelings, and actually 'believe' in yourself.

This is not 'ego' this is I AM...........................................(fill in the blanks)

And if you're not feeling it, NOW in this present moment, then you need to get to work with forgiving anything or anyone, mentally to release that block that will hold you back! 


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